U N I V E R S A L P O R T A B L E M O D .

At Yocan, we are proud to introduce our latest product featuring our patented design – the UNI Box Mod, redefining the future of box mod technology. A new design with cutting edge technology that is universal for all kinds of oil atomizers. The UNI Box Mod features everything you came to love with Yocan products; ease of use, affordability, functionality, and practicality, and now we bring customization and personalization to the next level. The UNI Box Mod allows full customization of all cartridges and can adapt to any type, size, and length of any oil cartridge on the market. The key is its adjustable knobs located just right beneath the lips of the cartridge chamber and also an adjustable lever to adjust the height of the cartridge level so your oil cartridges will achieve a perfect fit making for a perfectly comfortable vaping session. Unlike other box mods or vaporizers that will create an awkward feel or a difficult and inconvenient feel and look because the cartridge simply won’t fit, the Yocan UNI Box Mod easily adjusts to the level of your cartridge allowing you to assume easy and convenient vaping sessions making it the perfect essential oil tool.

Main Features:

For Oils
Oil Level Window
USB Charging
3 Voltage Levels
Universal Box Mod
Compact And Portable
650mAh Battery Capacity
510-Threaded Magnetic Connection
Adjustable Chamber Height And Width
Brand New Patented Design
WORLD’S FIRST BOX MOD FOR ALL KINDS OF OIL ATOMIZERS – The world’s first universal width and height adjustable box mod that will work with all the oil atomizers. Yocan has been embraced by so many people around the world and this pushes us to be a leader and always take the industry to the next level.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT MATCHING ALL STYLES OF OIL ATOMIZERS – Yocan will leave a mark with this new revolutionary design. You don’t have to worry if your atomizer is too tall or too short. The UNI will let you adjust the height of any oil atomizer. The side of the device also has a juice level window so you won’t have to guess when to refill your atomizer.

ADJUSTABLE ATOMIZER HOLDER FITTING DIFFERENT DIAMETERS – This is the first box mod that will fit all kinds of oil atomizers with different diameters. The UNI has changed the industry with its Patented and remarkable function by being the most useful box mod ever made!

10 SECOND PREHEAT FUNCTION – To provide you with an incredible experience, the UNI has a built-in preheat function that warms up your oils before the first use. Rapidly clicking the power button two times will put the device in preheat mode, it will last for 10 seconds. To deactivate the preheating function, simply press the power button two times again.

THREE VOLTAGE LEVELS – The UNI features an adjustable voltage option with three different power levels to customize your vaping experience. After turning on the device, press the power button 3 times rapidly to adjust the voltage level. One light will indicate low, two lights are middle, and 3 lights is high.

MAGNETIC 510 THREAD ADAPTER – The atomizer will be inserted and locked by the magnetic 510 thread adapter, which is included in the package. This 510 thread connection will insure complete compatibility with any 510 threaded atomizer on the market.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE – Small and discrete that fits in the palm of your hand. Super compact and portable that allows you to vape in a simple and discrete way.

Box Contents:

1 x UNI Box Mod
1 x Magnetic 510 ring
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual


Silver, Black & Silver, Red, Blue, Smoky Gray, White, Matte Gold, Mint Green, Airy Blue, Rasta, Rainbow, Blue Purple Gradient, Blue Red Yellow

Yocan UNI Box Mod

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