Yocan’s Armor Wax Cartridge Battery comes loaded with a built in 380mAh battery, variable voltage settings and a preheat function. You’ll love the new Variable Voltage settings that let you dial in the perfect settings for your sessions, the LED indicators will display 1 light for 2.5V, 2 lights for 3.0V, and all 3 lights for 3.5V. The Armor also has a built in 10 second preheat function to melt your materials and get them ready, just 2 clicks to start the preheat mode, and 2 clicks to end it early.

Variable Voltage with 3 Voltage Levels
10 Second Preheat
380mAh Battery Capacity with Micro USB Fast Charging

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Sliver, Red, Rose Gold, Gold

Yocan Armor Battery

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