The Wulf Micro is perfectly petite and deliberately designed to provide users with an incomparable vape. The contents of the kit include everything needed to give users a seamless session with their favorite essential oils. As a travel friendly device, it stands at two inches tall and one inch wide. To allow genuinely customized experiences, the voltage can be altered between 3.4V, 3.7V, and 4V. The functionality is intended to be user-friendly and as such provides a single button system.

Investing in the Wulf Micro is to know that a device is on hand that provides a comprehensive list of features. The ergonomically placed button fulfills each of the unit’s operations. Five quick clicks turns the Wulf Micro on. Two presses following the initial five starts the heating process which takes a total of 15 seconds.

Wulf Micro list of key features

As you consider the Wulf Micro, feel free to contact our customer service team with any questions. Also, please browse through the remainder of Many of our devices can be used interchangeably in order to give our customers a truly versatile collection. We push ourselves to provide some of the most sought after products on the market.

overview of the Wulf Micro

The kit includes a micro USB charger. For its first use, the Wulf Micro needs to be plugged in for two hours to fully prime the battery. Following the initial charge, the device reaches its maximum charge in one hour. This ensures that any disruption in use is brief. The side LED display will indicate red which allows vapers to immediately see that the battery isn’t full. 20 rapid flashes of the light signifies that the battery is no longer depleted.

Instructions on charging the Wulf Micro

From a design and aesthetic perspective, the Wulf Micro is discreet and ideal for travel as it stands at just 2″x1″. The cartridge that comes standard in the package is easily screwed onto the battery for a seamless, airtight coupling. It is also a c-cell unit which means it utilizes ceramic in order to give users a more pure flavor with velvety vapor. The is simply broken down into pieces for not only refills of a vaper’s preferred concentrate, but also cleaning. The female attachment port on the mod itself is able to accommodate cartridges with a 510 threading and as such can be used with a wide variety of our other tanks. There is no feature on the Wulf Micro that was overlooked. It promises peak performance and user-friendly utility.

Instructions on removing mouthpiece on cartridge for the Wulf Micro
Instructions on how to load the Cartridge for the Wulf Micro
Wulf Micro Standing in display in all colors on white background

The internal system also offers a variable voltage output. In order to cycle through each of the options, users need only press the button three times. When the side LED light displays green, the voltage is 3.4; when the LED light is blue, the voltage is 3.7; and finally, when the LED light is red, the voltage is 4.

Instructions on how to turn on the Wulf Micro, switching voltages, and the preheat function on white background


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