Vapetasia Salts 30ML Blackberry Lemonade

Available in 24MG and 48MG NIC


Blackberry Lemonade, Iced Blue Razz, Iced grabe, Iced Milk Of the Poppy, Iced Pineapple Express, Iced Rain Bops, Iced Straw Guaw, Iced Trapple, Iced White Gummy, Killer Fruits Blue Razz, Killer Fruits Grape, Killer Straw Guaw, Killer Fruits Trapple, Killer Kustard, Killer Kustard Blueberry, Killer Kustard Strawberry, Killer Sweets Rain Bops, Killer Sweets White Gummy, Milk Of the Poppy, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Parfait, Royal Two


24MG, 48MG

Vapetasia Salts 30ML 24/48MG ...

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