Thicket SPACEOUT Ray Gun Torch -Multiple Colors

BOX: 12″X9.5″X2.6″


Raygun Torch in Spaceout Black

Introducing our Raygun Torch in Spaceout Black! Looking to add some excitement to your torch collection? Then check out our iconic Raygun Torch, inspired by the gaming and cartoon community. This torch is sure to catch the eye of anyone looking for a unique addition to their torch collection.

Perfect for Any Torch Activity

The Raygun Torch is perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their torch game. Whether you?re smoking, baking, bartending, having a BBQ, a bonfire, camping, soldering, or doing any other activity that requires a torch, the Raygun Torch has you covered. With a massive flame that is unmatched by other refillable butane torches, this torch is perfect for any occasion.

Features That Make It Easy to Use

The torch features a stainless steel tip, adjustable flame intensity, and a refillable system, which makes it incredibly easy to use and fill. Additionally, the torch has a trigger/safety lock and a kickstand, making it perfect for display on your kitchen or bedroom shelf. Best of all, adjusting the flame intensity is a breeze thanks to the knob located on the torch.

Weight N/A

Black, Red, Purple, Blue Camo, Gray Camo, Orange Camo, Pink, Blue, White

Thicket SPACEOUT Ray Gun Torch...

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