Zig-Zag Palm takes smoking back to its natural roots. Centuries ago, the Mayans rolled and smoked primitive cigars wrapped in palm leaves. In fact, the Mayan word “sikar” (to smoke rolled leaves) is the origin of the word cigar. Palm leaves burn slow naturally and provide a high-quality, tobacco-free experience.

Zig-Zag Palm has combined the ancient tradition of natural palm leaf with modern craftsmanship to create an unmatched slow-burning experience.

  • Squeeze & Pop Flavor Bead
  • All Natural Corn Husk Tip
  • 100% Natural Terpenes Flavor
  • Humidity Control Freshly Sealed

There are 15 packs per display carton and 2 mini rolls per pack.

Sold only as a 15 count display box.


Banana, Blueberry, Grape, Natural, Vanilla

Zig-Zag Palm 2pk Mini Rolls Di...

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