• Ultra-Sharp Spike Electrodes
  • Contoured Ergonomic Grip
  • 950,000 Volts Stun Gun
  • Easy to Carry and Use
  • Works Well With Your Holster-Mate Bracket
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 1″

ZAP Gun LED Pistol Grip Stun Gun with Nylon Holster

This ZAP Gun LED Pistol Grip Stun Gun features 950,000 volts of electricity. It has a nice ergonomic pistol-grip that gives you a nice secure handle. It also comes with a 60 lumen LED light at the tip.

The LED light on this ZAP Gun LED pistol grip stun gun will last 20,000 hours. The entire thing is made from durable ABS plastic. It comes with a nylon holster.



  • ZAP Stun Gun
  • Wrist strap lanyard
  • Three (3) CR2 batteries
  • Nylon holster with belt clip
ZAP Gun LED Pistol Grip Stun G...

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