N E W T G T T E C H N O L O G Y , N E W E N J O Y M E N T .

The Yocan CubeX is the next generation of amazing concentrate vapes. With a really hefty and durable aluminum body that feels great in your hand or pocket, the CubeX utilizes a brand new TGT (Target Tech) Coil that combines a ceramic donut coil and a quartz XTAL rod. With no exposed coil, your concentrate wont go straight onto a coil; instead, it will go right onto the donut and melt into the XTAL rod. This is great because you can take huge rips of concentrate and get great flavor from each. The CubeX has three voltage settings and can go as low as 3.0V so you can take lower temperature and slower puffs. It has a huge 1400mAh battery that will last very long in between charges and USB-C Charging.

New TGT Coil Technology

Three Adjustable Voltage Levels

Magnetic Mouthpiece to Battery Connection

SOLID QUALITY BODY – The Yocan Cubex not only has a new quad design, but also makes use of exquisite metallic texture. It will provide you with a light and handy experience, enabling it to be more discreet, reliable, and durable for on-the-go.

AVANCED TGT COIL TECHNOLOGY – The TGT Coil combines ceramic donut and quartz XTAL rod without leaving heating coils exposed. Load your concentrate on the ceramic donut and it will immediately melt, getting absorbed by the XTAL rod in the middle, then nebulizes. You can get enormous vapor with excellent sapor from the perfect combination of ceramic and quartz.

LARGE BATTERY WITH TYPE-C CHARGING – With an internal 1400mAh battery and Type-C charging, the CubeX not only shortens the time spent charging, but effectively extends lifespan, providing you with endless sessions.


Size: 22mm x 22mm x 114mm

Battery Capacity: 1400mAh

Charging Port: Type-C

Charging Voltage: 5V

Charging Current: 0.8A

TGT Coil Resistance: 0.4Ω-0.5Ω

Adjustable Voltage: 3.0V / 3.6V / 4.2V

Preheat: 10 seconds

Safety Cut-Off: 15 seconds

ADJUSTABLE VOLTAGE LEVELS – The CubeX is equipped with three adjustable voltage levels, allowing you to switch between 3.0V, 3.6V, and 4.2V by pressing the button rapidly 3 times.

TEN SECOND PRE-HEAT FUNCTION – Featuring pre-heat mode at 2.0V, the CubeX provides 10 seconds of material prep time to give you a deliciously ripe vaping session. Just click the power button rapidly twice within 2 seconds and the white LED light will illuminate for 10 seconds before shutting off.

MAGNETIC CONNECTION – Using a more convenient design with a magnetic connection between the mouthpiece cap and the top of the battery, you no longer have to worry about stickiness.

Box Contents:

1 x CubeX Vaporizer

1 x CubeX TGT Coil (pre-installed)

1 x Pick Tool

1 x Type-C USB Cable

1 x Instructions Manual


Blue, White, Black, Green, Purple

Yocan CubeX Vaporizer

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