SmokTech TFV16 Mesh 3pk Coils

These brand new mesh coils for the SmokTech TFV16 Tank are honeycomb structured, made of nickel-chrome and consists of multiple structurally stable hexagons that enable the mesh wire heating elements to heat more quickly and evenly.

Every drop of the e-liquid can be fully heated through these small holes, obtaining more exquisite atomization and restoring the original flavor of the e-liquid. The massive cloud and dense flavor will make you feel like a king!

TFV16 Mesh Coil

Resistance: 0.17Ω

More stable heating elements

Enlarged heating area

Unique taste and pure flavor

Best: 120W

TFV16 Dual Mesh Coil

Resistance: 0.12Ω

Two mesh holes for dual coil structure

Superior wicking capability

Massive cloud production and rich flavor

Rated: 80-160W / Best: 120W

TFV16 Triple Mesh Coil

Resistance: 0.15Ω

Three separate mesh holes

Widened heating area for quicker ramp-up time

Great cloud production and superior flavor

Best: 90W

Available in packs of 3.

Weight 0.14 lbs

Mesh 0.17 Ohm, Dual Mesh 0.12 Ohm, Triple Mesh 0.15 Ohm, 0.2 Ohm Conical Mesh Coil

Smok TFV16 Mesh 3pk Coils

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