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  • MADE IN USA KRYPTONITE MULTIPURPOSE 420 & 710 CLEANER: Kryptonite combines 420 and 710 cleaning solutions into a single bottle! Kryptonite’s powerful 420 and 710 cleaner coats the hard-to-reach places, making it easy to remove stinky tars, resins, and other build-ups
  • MULTIPURPOSE GLASS CLEANER: Voted as the best cleaner for glass and ceramics, this cleaner also works great for metal surfaces. Be it pipes, rigs, tubes, or hard drinks, Klear helps remove unwanted stains from pen marks & other stains without leaving behind any chemical residues
  • SAY NO TO RECKLESS SHAKING: Take the struggle and fear out of cleaning your favorite glass with Kryptonite fast-acting “Coat, Relax, and Rinse” cleaner. Our patented powerful cleaning agents, this clay-based cleaner dissolves tars, resin, and grunge quickly. And get your dirtiest pipes sparkling clean without aggressive shaking
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY-CLAY BASED FORMULA: Kryptonite’s powerful Coat, Relax, and Rinse formula acts fast to destroy stubborn buildup while being gentle on the environment, glass, and other hard surfaces. Scientifically engineered to exceed environmental standards globally, with no harsh chemicals, Kryptonite dissolves 710 residue and 420 tars quickly leaving your glass glossy, and accessories ready for use
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Klear Kryptonite Multi-Purpose...

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