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Introducing the Exxus Slim VV 2.0 Cartridge Battery, a sleek 510-thread vaporizer specially designed for oil cartridges. This new device offers adjustable voltage settings (2.6V-Blue, 3.2V-Green, and 4.0V-Red), a 15-second preheat function, and easy power button activation. Powered by a reliable 380mAh battery and a USB-C cable for fast charging, it ensures convenience and efficiency.

With a lively selection of 10 colors – Envy, Gold, Glacier, Galaxy, Pearl, Prism, Rosé, Raven, Smoke, and Sunset – the Slim VV 2.0 lets you express your style.

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To initiate the cartridge loading process, first, detach the mouthpiece from the cartridge. Next, carefully load your preferred amount of oil into the cartridge. Once this step is completed, firmly screw the cartridge onto the device for a secure connection.

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Simply press the power button five times to turn on or off, three times to change voltages, twice to preheat, and once to stop preheating. Enjoy a delightful vaping experience with the Exxus Slim VV 2.0!

Exxus Slim VV 2 Charging and Troubleshooting


Connect the USB-C cable to the bottom of your device, ensuring a secure connection. While charging, the power button will light up red. When it is done charging, the power button will light up green. For the initial charge, allow it to charge continuously for 2 hours to optimize performance. After the first charge, remember to stay within 1 hour of charging to preserve the device’s lifespan. By following these easy instructions, you’ll keep your device charged and ready to go whenever needed.

At Exxus Vape, our founders boast an impressive collective experience of 25 years, forming the very core of our company. This allows us to continuously drive ourselves towards the forefront of vaping innovation. Our relentless pursuit revolves around creating user-friendly devices that consistently deliver exceptional performance, ensuring our customers experience the perfect vaping sessions they truly deserve. Consequently, our commitment to excellence enables us to introduce some of the finest products available in the market.

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What’s Included:

  • (1) Exxus Vape Slim VV 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer
  • (1) USBC cable

Envy, Gold, Glacier, Galaxy, Pearl, Prism, Rose, Raven, Smoke, Sunset


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