Introducing a USA Crafted Cleaner by AQUA Works Glass.  These cleaners are available in two styles that target specific needs for cleaning glass.
The Blue Bottle is designed for removing heavy amounts of wax and resin, which strengthens the longer you let it soak.  The Green Bottle is designed for tearing away layers of thick, swampy resin with it’s rapid cleaning formula.  When you need the job done right, consider Aqua Clean.
  •  Prime Results
  •  No Scrubbing
  •  Easy to Use
  •  Brightens Glass



Height: 8.0″ Base Diameter: 2.5″  Weight: 434 Grams



  • Crafted In The USA.
  • Limited Quantity and Availability
Weight 1.03 lbs

Green – Rapid Cleaner, Blue – Time Release Cleaner

Aqua Clean 16oz Resin Cleaners

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